Safe Use
In the past 50 years, paraquat for farmers around the world happy, they have become indispensable for agricultural supplies. Weeding speed of paraquat resistance and rain are very good, is the product of herbicide. Moreover, in addition to herbicidal activity alone, paraquat also has other important uses and advantages. Paraquat can firmly stick together with soil, and loss of biological activity after contact with the soil, these characteristics mean that paraquat has been in Conservation tillage In the system, especially in no-tillage Technology, play a key role. The paraquat and reduced tillage technology combined with the benefits are: to improve soil structure, soil fertility and agricultural operation more timely, Bio-diversity To improve the overall profitability, farmland increase. Paraquat is Non selective herbicide And, without prejudice to the crops, which can be used for row spraying, it is does not have the similar products.
Like all active ingredients, paraquat has been studied by researchers at home and abroad. These experts believe that as long as the proper use of paraquat can not only provide safe and effective weed control, but also can produce enormous social and economic benefits, but also for future generations to protect the land.